Our Philosophy

We consider pregnancy a natural process, not a diagnosis.

The Vanderbilt Faculty Nurse-Midwives believe that all of the events of a woman’s life – menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause are all normal, healthy events; they are not disease processes, and need not be treated as such.

Through education and communication, our clients participate in the decision making of their care. It is our goal to provide excellence midwifery care and education while staying attuned to the concerns and needs of the individual and family.

Pregnancy and birth are sacred events that belong to the pregnant woman and her family, and as midwives, we are there to facilitate what is happening, not to direct it. You experience throughout prenatal care and birth matters, and we strive to individualize the care that we provide while providing a safe and nurturing environment to give birth.

Our Clients

Generally our clients are healthy women, pregnant and non-pregnant. Midwives care for women throughout their life, including pregnancy, well-woman, preconception, and menopausal care. We are happy to offer care to women who have had a previous cesarean section and desire a subsequent vaginal birth provided they are deemed an appropriate candidate for trial of labor after prior cesarean.

We Offer The Best Of Both Worlds

Evidence based care is delivered through a relational healthcare model. Our midwives fundamentally believe that birth is normal and strive to bring a low-tech approach in a hospital setting equipped to deal with any emergency. We follow the standards of care developed by the American College of nurse-midwives and offer an individualized and nurturing approach while minimizing unnecessary interventions. Trusting relationships and satisfying birth experiences are emphasized. You will be encouraged to ask questions, and help make decisions about your own care.